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To live vegetarian or vegan is an option for more consumers. More and more German align themselves with this conviction and renounce carnal food. Meanwhile, the is still more than 6 million people and 600,000 of them are even vegan. So you waive addition on animal products such as milk, eggs, gelatin, or honey. In addition there are so-called ” part -time vegetarians “. This refers to people who eat meatless at three or more days a week. They are at least 52% of the Germans.

More respect for animals – factory farming and ill-treatment

This action is done primarily out of a desire to show more respect for animals and their products.

All Veggie – or what?

You would not believe how many products meat or animal products, are included. On this occasion we would like to once again report on World Vegetarian Day on October 01, 2013 Tips and answer some important questions.

Must be boring Forage Food Vegetarian not what a lot of ” meat lovers ” like to argue. On the contrary, because even with vegetarian cuisine is open to any virtually the whole world. Anything goes and tastes so much spice gives dishes a unique pizzazz. Since then no one misses the meat on the plate.

Also in many cosmetics put an awful lot of animal-derived ingredients such as collagen. Likewise, cleaning agents and detergents, which were developed with the help of animal experiments are part of the philosophy that maintain vegans especially.

Vegetarian Globetrotter

What a lot was certainly more difficult before the time of online shopping is no longer a problem nowadays. To order vegetarian products online also facilitates the purchase of exotic spices and ingredients. All – vegetarisch makes it before – of his own words – biggest online store in Germany with more than 2,000 products, vegetable based ingredients, offers a wide range of vegetarian cooking. You can always buy his desired groceries online and get them delivered right to your door. Also about the ingredients and nutritional values ​​you will make an informed, additionally receives any pure plant food GUT warranty. This stands for health, environmental protection and animal welfare in food production.

But even in local health food stores, health food stores and now also in a variety of traditional food shops of vegetarian and vegan food has long been no longer a vision, but commonplace.

Vegetarian Cooking

Just try it – with this motto, it can be best described as vegetarian must, as I said, its not boring. For the initial 1-2 days a week vegetarian food a good start. Just try it with friends is contagious, fun, and awakens in addition to creativity. Who does not really want to come up with something that takes a few vegetarian recipes here.

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