In osteopathy we know the phrase ” move is to live “. What we mean by that is the general condition of our body. Are the organs healthy, then they not only have a proper motion, but also a certain ability to move about their environment. To maintain or re-establish this, the goal of treatment. Only with this ability to move we stay healthy.

An engine of this is our body movement, such as how much we walk, run, bike, swim, but also how much gymnastics we do or how we can relax – out cause our body from tension (not how much we sit ).

Not only is it crucial that we move in relation to our environment, but also that we are moving relative to us on our microcosm. Thus, a deep breathing exercise to be addressed as well as a ” muscle pump ” that helps us to carry blood back to the heart.

Move is therefore a crucial step to a healthy life. And one of the easiest forms of natural moving we find in hiking or Nordic walking.

Here, the physical exercise to our surroundings and the movement come together in an outstanding manner in our body. The organ pumps, respiration, blood circulation, digestion, regeneration of the nervous system ( out of the “burn out”), all of this falls hand in hand and leads to a regulation that meets the natural need for movement.

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