Even if the time change is already done, many still suffer from a perceived mini jet lag. The most should still be long over it. Debt to fatigue and listlessness may be winter fatigue. It will later light and dark earlier in the fall and winter months, causing the body to produce more melatonin. We reveal effective tips for fighting the winter fatigue.

Let there be light…

Outside it’s cold, gray and dark. Unfortunately, in our part of the normality in the cold season. Here, the human body would need light urgently to be efficient. Especially professionals struggling with fatigue and exhaustion, but the free time is devoted little in daylight. The brightness of the office lights are not sufficient for a reduction of the sleep hormone melatonin from also. The hormone helps the ” blame” for the above-mentioned symptoms. It controls the day-night rhythm of the body and is formed from serotonin. The darker it is, the higher the payout of the sleep hormone.

Tips against winter fatigue

Winter walks : Who wants to awake as possible through the winter is to get out. Whether clear blue sky or fog soup – 30 minutes of exercise outdoors reduce melatonin levels significantly. The ” light shower ” is the way in the morning particularly effective.

Balanced diet : Eating Heavy beats on digestion and makes you tired. Not exactly the best idea if you’re already sleepy anyway. Fresh, seasonal vegetables available and delicious light meals are there better. And who cooks his own food, is also active, and thus more alert. If you have no Christmas gifts, can do with a dinner invitation yourself and others happy and be hero of his guests per coupon.

Sleep rhythm : It may happen that you will get tired earlier in the dark season than usual. Why not do something go to bed earlier and be fit the next morning? It is important to maintain a regular as possible waking and sleeping cycle.
Drinking water : Even in winter, the body sweats. Therefore, adequate fluid replenishment is essential. 1.5-2 liters of water or tea per day should be there already.

Do not hang : Let’s be honest – the winter blues can be quite frustrating. Friends and relatives are as a valuable support. And if all else fails, you should not hesitate to visit the doctor.

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