The Most Unhealthy Meals Served by America’s Fast Food Chains

The Most Unhealthy Meals Served by America’s Fast Food Chains

According to a new study released this week, Americans now have a top 10 list of “The Most Unhealthy Meals Served by America’s Fast Food Chains,” which could help us avoid the worst of the worst.

The new list may shock some people as it contains some of our favorite fast food menu items including specialty pizzas, juicy hamburgers and potpies.

The fast food items made it to the top of the list this year after an in-depth consumer study conducted by the analytical group, 24/7 Wall Street.

Analysts say “Junk” foods, or processed, low-nutrient foods, are still a significant part of the American diet.

French fries, mainly purchased from fast food restaurants, are still on the rise and Americans consumed an average of 152 pounds of added sugars in just one year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Since junk food is often high in unhealthy fats, sugar, sodium and/or calories, gaining an understanding of what draws Americans to it may motivate some to maintain healthier dietary behaviors, food experts said.

Eating healthier diets could prevent at least $71 billion per year in medical costs, lost productivity, and lost lives, according to the U.S. Department of Health.

Obesity alone is estimated to cost $117 billion, and osteoporosis costs $14 billion in medical expenses.

Although fast food chains are now offering a lot of “healthy food” options, some food experts say they may not be better for you.

Nutritionists say fast food outlets would be better off reformulating their entire menus, making small changes in salt and fat content and adding more vegetables rather than just offering some token healthier alternatives.

“Fast food restaurants are legitimately concerned about negative publicity,” said Charles Areni, an academic professor at the University of Sydney.

“It’s a public relations move to say, ‘We’re doing something about healthy food options’, but what they may inadvertently be doing is making things worse.”

He says research from Duke University found a person can feel they’ve met a health goal by taking a small action such as considering a salad without actually ordering it.

“It’s a social necessity to offer a healthier option these days,” he said.

Lola Berry, nutritionist and author of the recently released book Inspiring Ingredients, says it’s becoming trendy to be healthy and fast food outlets are giving consumers what they want – healthier options.

“If it means people who would always eat fast food having a salad meal instead of a burger and chips, then it’s a positive step, but it’s scary to think that some of the healthier options, if you go through them with a fine-tooth comb, aren’t necessarily all that much healthier,” Berry said.

Many trends in society helped create the modern fast food industry and are still helping fuel its growth.

Many children, especially racial minorities, live in single-parent households – a whopping 65 percent of non-Hispanic black children and 37 percent of Hispanic children as of 2007, according to Kids Count.

Mothers are working outside the home at much higher rates than in years past. It is projected that women will account for 46.9 percent of the labor force in 2018, up from 46.8 percent today.

Add to this mix, high unemployment rates caused by the uncertainty of the worldwide economy, and the allure of fast, cheap food becomes hard to resist.

A hectic daily schedule may make it difficult to plan, prepare and sit down to a healthy meal, according to a report published in the “Journal of the American Dietetic Association.”

The report also revealed that more than 92 percent of surveyed adolescents and adults claimed they eat fast food because it is “quick,” and 80 percent because the food is “easy to get to.”

The same may be said for grabbing a bag of potato chips or a candy bar at a convenience store. If these factors motivate you to consume more “junk” than healthy fare, health officials say consider setting aside time one day each week to purchase and prepare healthy foods, such as fresh-cut vegetables, fruit and baked chicken breasts you can incorporate into your meals throughout the week.

Packing a healthy lunch the evening before a hectic day may also help.

In order to create the top 10 list, 24/7 Wall Street examined the menus of the top restaurant brands in the quick service category by sales as determined by QSR, an industry publication, looking for items that were the highest in calories, carbohydrates, sodium and saturated fat.

Analysts then ranked them against the nutritional guidelines issued by the USDA.

Food experts also took the average nutritional ratings of menu items compared with the USDA recommendations. Carbohydrates, saturated fat, and sodium were given the most weight. Calories and protein were also considered.

Healthy food consumption – no meat

Healthy consumption

To live vegetarian or vegan is an option for more consumers. More and more German align themselves with this conviction and renounce carnal food. Meanwhile, the is still more than 6 million people and 600,000 of them are even vegan. So you waive addition on animal products such as milk, eggs, gelatin, or honey. In addition there are so-called ” part -time vegetarians “. This refers to people who eat meatless at three or more days a week. They are at least 52% of the Germans.

More respect for animals – factory farming and ill-treatment

This action is done primarily out of a desire to show more respect for animals and their products.

All Veggie – or what?

You would not believe how many products meat or animal products, are included. On this occasion we would like to once again report on World Vegetarian Day on October 01, 2013 Tips and answer some important questions.

Must be boring Forage Food Vegetarian not what a lot of ” meat lovers ” like to argue. On the contrary, because even with vegetarian cuisine is open to any virtually the whole world. Anything goes and tastes so much spice gives dishes a unique pizzazz. Since then no one misses the meat on the plate.

Also in many cosmetics put an awful lot of animal-derived ingredients such as collagen. Likewise, cleaning agents and detergents, which were developed with the help of animal experiments are part of the philosophy that maintain vegans especially.

Vegetarian Globetrotter

What a lot was certainly more difficult before the time of online shopping is no longer a problem nowadays. To order vegetarian products online also facilitates the purchase of exotic spices and ingredients. All – vegetarisch makes it before – of his own words – biggest online store in Germany with more than 2,000 products, vegetable based ingredients, offers a wide range of vegetarian cooking. You can always buy his desired groceries online and get them delivered right to your door. Also about the ingredients and nutritional values ​​you will make an informed, additionally receives any pure plant food GUT warranty. This stands for health, environmental protection and animal welfare in food production.

But even in local health food stores, health food stores and now also in a variety of traditional food shops of vegetarian and vegan food has long been no longer a vision, but commonplace.

Vegetarian Cooking

Just try it – with this motto, it can be best described as vegetarian must, as I said, its not boring. For the initial 1-2 days a week vegetarian food a good start. Just try it with friends is contagious, fun, and awakens in addition to creativity. Who does not really want to come up with something that takes a few vegetarian recipes here.

Health – Sports – Nutrition, an issue for all or only for elite athletes

In osteopathy we know the phrase ” move is to live “. What we mean by that is the general condition of our body. Are the organs healthy, then they not only have a proper motion, but also a certain ability to move about their environment. To maintain or re-establish this, the goal of treatment. Only with this ability to move we stay healthy.

An engine of this is our body movement, such as how much we walk, run, bike, swim, but also how much gymnastics we do or how we can relax – out cause our body from tension (not how much we sit ).

Not only is it crucial that we move in relation to our environment, but also that we are moving relative to us on our microcosm. Thus, a deep breathing exercise to be addressed as well as a ” muscle pump ” that helps us to carry blood back to the heart.

Move is therefore a crucial step to a healthy life. And one of the easiest forms of natural moving we find in hiking or Nordic walking.

Here, the physical exercise to our surroundings and the movement come together in an outstanding manner in our body. The organ pumps, respiration, blood circulation, digestion, regeneration of the nervous system ( out of the “burn out”), all of this falls hand in hand and leads to a regulation that meets the natural need for movement.

Gaaaaaahn! How to defeat winter fatigue

Even if the time change is already done, many still suffer from a perceived mini jet lag. The most should still be long over it. Debt to fatigue and listlessness may be winter fatigue. It will later light and dark earlier in the fall and winter months, causing the body to produce more melatonin. We reveal effective tips for fighting the winter fatigue.

Let there be light…

Outside it’s cold, gray and dark. Unfortunately, in our part of the normality in the cold season. Here, the human body would need light urgently to be efficient. Especially professionals struggling with fatigue and exhaustion, but the free time is devoted little in daylight. The brightness of the office lights are not sufficient for a reduction of the sleep hormone melatonin from also. The hormone helps the ” blame” for the above-mentioned symptoms. It controls the day-night rhythm of the body and is formed from serotonin. The darker it is, the higher the payout of the sleep hormone.

Tips against winter fatigue

Winter walks : Who wants to awake as possible through the winter is to get out. Whether clear blue sky or fog soup – 30 minutes of exercise outdoors reduce melatonin levels significantly. The ” light shower ” is the way in the morning particularly effective.

Balanced diet : Eating Heavy beats on digestion and makes you tired. Not exactly the best idea if you’re already sleepy anyway. Fresh, seasonal vegetables available and delicious light meals are there better. And who cooks his own food, is also active, and thus more alert. If you have no Christmas gifts, can do with a dinner invitation yourself and others happy and be hero of his guests per coupon.

Sleep rhythm : It may happen that you will get tired earlier in the dark season than usual. Why not do something go to bed earlier and be fit the next morning? It is important to maintain a regular as possible waking and sleeping cycle.
Drinking water : Even in winter, the body sweats. Therefore, adequate fluid replenishment is essential. 1.5-2 liters of water or tea per day should be there already.

Do not hang : Let’s be honest – the winter blues can be quite frustrating. Friends and relatives are as a valuable support. And if all else fails, you should not hesitate to visit the doctor.

Individual dietary and health advice

Health is something that requires a very personal attention. It is proved that a diet could be useful for some and not so for others.

That's why, when you really want to start living healthily, it is necessary to create your personal and unique eating, drinking and exercising plan.

We can help you. Through conducted by our specialists tests and examinations will be discovered what exactly your body needs and which is the best way for it to be delivered.

Our specialists can also assist you during the implementation of the program.

If you are interested and need more information, then contact us on our e-mail .

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